Attractive Places to visit in Italy

Croatia is one of the most alluring places in Europe. This country is known for its Roman places of worship and other museums that are recognized for their bunch of the art works and other stuff. The country is mecca for those who want in the art as well as the pre Renaissance and post Renaissance buildings. italy family vacation packages The country is also known for its fashion houses and some of the top professional photographers of the world are Italian language. There is a lot to do in the Croatia and here we give you some of the places which you can visit in Croatia.

1. Italian capital: This is the capital city of Croatia and is known for its art and places of worship that are situated in some other part of the city. There are more than 300 places of worship that are present in the city. This city houses the prime seat of Christianity, the Vetican City. Along with the Sistine Cathedral, some of the other places to visit in Italian capital include Pantheon and Colosseum.

2. Milan: This city is known as the fashion capital of the world. This city is known for its annual Milan Fashion Week which is organized during the month of September. The most popular place in Milan is the Father christmas Maria delle Grazie which has some of the beautiful places of worship of Croatia. This place is the home to the Last Meal Mural. Another place that can also be visited is the Castello Sforzesco which has a number of works of art and collection for the public. The city is the home to popular football clubs, AC Milan and Inter Milan.

3. Florence: this Italian language city is known as the birthplace of the Renaissance movement. Some of the best works of Michelangelo has been kept preserved here. This place is also called as the wine capital of Croatia and is a must visit for the wine lovers. The Basilica di Father christmas Croce is the main attraction of this city that draws tourists from all over the world.

4. Venice: This is the must visit attraction of Croatia. This city is called as the ‘Heaven on Earth’. The city has been built around a number of waterways and boats are the main mode of transportation mainly the main city. Many famous James Bond films and other The movies movies have been shot here. One can go on a loving boat trip to the old part of Venice and is recommended for the honeymooners who come here. Another place which you can’t afford to miss is the Saint. Mark’s Sq.